The «Tokkotai» watch

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The Tokkotai watch was designed in ClubOkies forum. We were five people and everything started with an exchange of points of view and ideas, prompting to decide that the watch for homage was the pilot watch, from the second war, the least known … the Kamikaze Seikosha.

The original model had a size appropriate for a pilot watch (48mm). The inner bezel is moved by turning the large outside bezel. The crown was a «onion» style for  handle it with gloves. The mechanical movement was hand-wound center seconds. The dial, in large numbers and with generous luminescent paint, pursuing the goal of easy reading and handling.

One of the most important features of this watch is that the dial is hand painted, so there aren’t two watches identical.

The "Tokkotai" ingles

The "Tokkotai" ingles ori

After to choose the model for homage we had to decide how make it. Initially the option of ordering dials to change any current model Seiko is selected. After we thought of buying standard cases prepared for 6497 movements, so we would have to make a ring to adapt the Seiko movement. In the end, we decided cooperate with the Polish manufacturer Gerlach. As with any project, many sketches and designs were made.

The "Tokkotai" plano ing
The "Tokkotai" plano ing2

The most complicated part of this project was the dial, because the designs of the numbers were redesigned several times until they were the similarly to the originals.
The case back is manufactured from a design by Juan (19rainbow74), that was the most voted from all the options.

The "Tokkotai"logo ing

To complete the set, we made a special design for the strap (Crazy Horse leather 4mm thick) and box (imitating a box of ammunition)
The "Tokkotai"caja ing
The watch made ​is 43 mm in size, with machinery Seiko NH35, WR200 and domed sapphire crystal. The endowment has included a Nato strap, a cloth to clean the watch and a tool for change straps.

Although there were doubts about whether the 50 units would be achieved, the manufacturer required minimum of 100. Finally 150 watches were produced. In Spain the numbers through forums such as RPT, HDR, COS and blogs as WACHTMOD (sorry if I miss any) are assigned. Sites were distributed across the Web Gerlach (53 units) in SCWF Forums, SDCS, FMR, MWR and blogs as Oceanic Time, Watchprojects … The 150 units have been distributed in France, Great Britain, United States, Singapore, Poland, Australia, China, Philippines, Colombia, etc. ..

It is a comfortable watch that «fits» nicely on the wrist and makes you forget the long wait.

The "Tokkotai" watch

The "Tokkotai" watch2The "Tokkotai" watch3

The "Tokkotai" watch4

The "Tokkotai" watch5

The "Tokkotai" watch6
And finally, for today, two photographs taken with a phone (thanks Dave).
They are useful for comparing the original with our design:

The "Tokkotai"together

The "Tokkotai"together2


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